Monday, November 18, 2013

VPA Student Spotlight: Dollcie Webb

Dollcie Webb is a Sophomore at Michigan Tech majoring in Theatre and Electronic Media Performance
1. Why did you choose to major Theatre and Electronic Media Performance?

 I chose to become an actress because I couldn’t see myself doing something else and still being happy with that path. It was a last minute, rash decision that I credit Roger Held, Patricia Helsel, Jared Anderson, and Chris Plummer for. The summer before my senior year of high school, I had applied to NMU, Carthage, and a local community college for business management with a minor in music. Then I applied to Michigan Tech to appease my family. It was the absolute last place on earth I wanted to go, being a 35 minute drive from home. They figured since I did well in math and excelled in science throughout high school, I would be doing myself a favor if I chose a path that bordered along engineering. When high school started up again I began receiving acceptance letters. This left me even more confused than I had been when applying to college. Next I had to choose one and go! But how was I supposed to do that? Which one would be the best for me? Which school would take me in the direction I wanted to go? What was the direction I wanted to go in? I was lost and so I sat and waited. I refused to make a decision until either a) the last minute or b) something profound happened to help me with my decision. Thankfully the latter happened long before the former. I ended up changing my major before I walked onto campus freshman year.

2.  What has been your favorite part of working in Theatre and Electronic Media Performance?
Getting to fly and creating my own commercials, acting in radio dramas and recording audio books. If I had to choose, those would be the things I pick. I love learning new skills and getting to utilize them in significant ways.

3.  What is the most important thing you have learned in your major?

It’s difficult to say. I've learned so much since I first started and every day I’m here I learn something new. When I started, I had no idea what I was in for. I never thought that I would ever get to fly. Last year I got to fly. This coming semester I’m going to learn silks. So I mean, it’s hard to narrow it down on what the most “important” thing is.

4.  What inspires you?

Many of my peers inspire me. Watching them grow, face obstacles and overcome them encourages me. The metamorphosis that we undergo through the course of our college careers is reminiscent of the rehearsal process of putting a show together. We fine tune our skills and find new ones we didn't know we had possessed. Watching the people around me transform motivates me to evaluate myself to see how I've changed this last year and a half. It also makes me look forward to the coming years and what changes they will bring.

5.  What are your goals after graduation?

Oh goodness. My goal is to get into voiceover work for animated films. 
I've loved them since childhood and it would be something I would receive a lot of joy out of. I can’t think of anything more fun! I’ll probably move to a larger city to pursue stage acting but I’m going to stick close to voiceover work. I’m less concerned with the destination than I am of the journey itself. If I have my way it’ll be filled with all of the things I love.

6.  What advice would you give others hoping to major in Theatre and Electronic Media Performance?

Don’t hold back. If you’re convinced this is for you, then go for it! Give it your all so at the end of the day, as you lie in bed pondering all the things you've done, you know you've given it your best shot. I think that could be the worst thing: trying to fall asleep with “what if I’d done it this way?” or “I should've tried harder” running through your head. Your success is directly affected by your work effort. Your self-worth is directly affected by your actions or lack thereof. Two distinct, important concepts that you have control over.