Monday, January 14, 2013

VPA Student Spotlight: Paige Borel

Meet Paige Borel, a senior majoring in Theatre and Electronic Media Performance.
Photo by Lara Neves
1.  Why did you choose to major in Theatre and Electronic Media Performance at Tech?  
I chose to major in Theatre and Electronic Media Performance at Michigan Tech because I fell in love with every aspect of the Visual and Performing Arts Department. I love the small class sizes, it provides me with one on one feedback and attention from professors. The professors and faculty are truly here to help you succeed. They want to watch you grow. My fellow peers within the department are supportive of each other's work, always willing to help, and we always have fun whether in class or rehearsal.
2.  What has been your favorite part of being in the theatre division at Tech?
My favorite aspect of the theatre division at Michigan Tech is that I have been able to participate in extensive performer flying training, which is truly unique for undergraduate programs.
3.  What is the most important thing you have learned in your major?
The most important lesson I have learned in my major so far is to let go and be myself. No one else can be me and that is unique!
4.  What inspires you?
Music is my number one inspiration. I am a movement oriented performer and music helps me to develop movement and attitude for a character. 
5.  What are your goals after graduation?
My goals after graduation include moving to Chicago or New York to begin auditioning for theatre companies, cruise line theatre companies, Broadway. I am also interested in being cast in shows as an aerial acrobat.
6.  What advice would you give others hoping to major in Theatre and Electronic Media Performance?
My advice to future Theatre Performance majors is to be fearless. If this is your true passion in life, don't be swayed by other's opinions not to pursue this. I always believe that if you want something greatly, you will do anything to achieve it. And most importantly, be yourself!