Monday, January 20, 2014

VPA Student Spotlight: Eponine Zenker

Eponine Zenker is a Chemistry major at Michigan Tech, with a minor in music. She is heavily involved in Tech performance groups, having participated in Pep Band, Wind Sympony, Concert Choir, conScience, and in several of our musical theatre productions.

1. Why did you choose to minor in Music at Tech?

I chose to minor in Music at Tech because I have been doing music my whole life and absolutely love it but I know the job possibilities are very slim when you make music your entire career path. By minoring in music I can still explore the field and grow in my music knowledge without having to limiting myself to only music. Plus it keeps me sane while majoring in Chemistry!

2. How does a minor in the arts enhance your experience as a Tech Chemistry student?

A minor in the arts enhances my experience as a Tech Chemistry student because it gives me an outlet to relax and de-stress while still learning and growing. There are also applications between the two subjects which I especially noticed while taking Music Theory. Both subjects are sciences and arts, so I really benefit a lot from taking courses in both topics.

3. What is the most important thing you have learned from your art experiences at Tech?

The most important thing I have learned from my art experiences at Tech is that no matter what major you are, where you are from in the world, what kind of family background you came from, how old you are, or how popular you may or may not be you are so important! Everybody matters in art – every one voice, one instrument, one actor, one techie is so crucial to making the big picture whatever it may be.

4. What inspires you?

I am inspired by other musicians and the music they create! I never walk away from a concert without thinking about how I need to practice or what kind of music I could write based off the feelings I experienced during the performance. My peers inspire me as well as professionals – you don’t have to be famous to make amazing art.

5. What are your goals for after graduation? How will your arts minor help you achieve those goals?

After graduation I would like to go into forensic analysis but I would also like to teach music on the side. My arts minor will help me achieve these goals because I will have my music activities to demonstrate that I am well-rounded which employers love to see and I will have credentials to help me get students in order to teach private lessons.

6. What advice would you give to other Tech students who want to participate in the arts?

Do it! It is more time and hard work but it is so very worth it. Whatever aspect of the arts you want to participate in will benefit you in the long run. There are so many parallels between my studies in the arts and my life outside of my minor that I never anticipated. It’s a commitment but you will make great connections and you will explore and enhance your creativity! Don’t be afraid that you’re not good enough either – you will have a whole new arts family to support you and help you to achieve your very best.