Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Did Last Summer: Joel Neves

Joel Neves, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra played trumpet this past summer for the Pine Mountain Music Festival.  He was featured with fellow UP trumpeter, Mark Flaherty of NMU, and organist Jeremy Tarant in concerts featuring the historic pipe organs of the Upper Peninsula.

Joel also ran the surtitles for Pine Mountain's opera, Cosi Fan Tutte.  In so doing, he was single handedly responsible for the comprehension of the Italian Opera for hundreds of audience members.  It's a stressful job, but someone has to do it!

Joel served as the search committee chair responsible for hiring the new band director.

He created a new online summer school course studying the music of the Beatles and the Beach Boys.  Together with his students, he discovered the surprising concession that the Beach Boys are just as good, innovative, forward-looking, and interesting as the Beatles! 

Finally, he and his family took an epic 26-day vacation, which included a cross-country drive, many campgrounds, and a cruise to Alaska.  On this epic vacation, Joel discovered that his new favorite state is South Dakota.