Monday, October 22, 2012

What I Did Last Summer: Kalen Larson

Our VPA Faculty are always up to something great!  Find out what they did with their summer vacations in our What I Did Last Summer series.
Kalen Larson, Assistant Professor of Theatre, served as Production Manager for the Operas of Pine Mountain Music Festival this summer.  This is particularly significant to the Visual & Performing Arts Department because he was able to hire a number of our students to work with the professional design staff and execute all technical work on those productions, including the tour.

Kalen also worked with Hall Associates Flying Effects this past summer.  While working with Hall he gained a much deeper understanding of performer flying effects and was able to bring that knowledge back.  Because of that experience he is currently teaching a Performer Flying class fall semester and the department is able to produce Stealing Fire; a show we are creating that has a significant number of aerial effects.  
Some of the shows/events Kalen worked on aerial effects with Hall include: Chicago Bulls Playoff Game (flying the mascot in the united Center), Peter Pan Ballet with Evansville Ballet, Calgary Stampede.   
In future collaborations he will serve as a Flying Director leading several of Hall's projects.